About us

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The Roscher Youth Development Centre was at the beginning very much supported by the German Embassy in Malawi. The former Ambassador Peter Woeste got the idea to support the youth in Rumphi. He advocated the initiative of a youth centre in Rumphi where the youth can come together, learn together, and enjoy together. And he got the idea to give the youth centre the Name of the first German geograph and explorer Albrecht Roscher (1836–1860) (German). The Embassy spend the money for the bulding of the youth centre. Many thanks to the Ambassador Peter Woerste. Since 2002 we are supporting young Malawians to get into a better life. All hat we do is voluntary work.


For education,health,well trained cultured vibrant and productive.


Creating a conducive environment for young people for personal and national development.


Participation and program implementation .No discrimination,promotion and sensitization of HIV prevention – and now coronavirus (COVID-19)


The spirit of self reliance ,patriotism and volunteerism. Promotion of self development and education.